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     When you want to tap into a new market, expand market share, or      nurture your leads, I can help you achieve these goals.

     I'm a technical copywriter who can explain your complex or technical      product with clarity and relevance. I listen closely to your sales goal and      market knowledge and ask the right questions. You get copy that speaks      to your prospects and addresses their decision points.

     High-value products do have a longer sales cycle. Your lead nurturing      success depends on premium content offerings that inspire trust in your      company and confidence in your product.

     Taking the next step to sales growth can be uncertain in these economic      times. It’s vital to make a clear connection between your product and how      it contributes to your Lead’s ability to provide value to their own      customers. For your ‘harder to budge’ Leads, they can be assured your      product will, at the very least, reduce their operational costs.

     When you succeed - I succeed. That’s what drives me to optimise your      marketing.

     If this sounds good to you, please check out my Services page where I      also explain my fast-track process and how I would work with you.

     Want to find out more?

      Do Contact me for your next marketing project, or if you have a question or comment.
      If you want to know why I can help solve sales challenges see About.
      Have a look at Services to see how I can help you boost sales and customer retention.
      See Samples and Portfolio to check out my examples and copywriting work.

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     How to Groom Your B2B Prospects Into Future Clients

     Businesses that offer more informative content, than promotional, are closing      more of their sales.

     What’s inside:

  • What makes selling so difficult today
  • Staying in the loop with your leads and clients
  • Setting up a dialogue with your leads
  • Checklist the quality of your premium content
  • Customer rewards that feed your Content Marketing
  • How to sell Real value

     How to BEAT the Rising Cost of SEO

     Are you one of the 49 percent of businesses that see their "paid search money"      get used up too quickly? You can improve your website ROI by getting more out      of organic SEO.

     What's inside:

  • A keyword strategy that qualifies your visitors so more of them are buyers
  • What’s best practice with smart linking
  • The costliest SEO mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Website and information design factors that make or break a sale.

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