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  Asking the right questions

   A technical copywriter knows how to ask the right questions
   from technical subject matter experts (SMEs)

   Most SMEs in a company are very busy people and have their own set of    priorities. Itís not always straight-forward getting them to sit with a writer    to talk about their productís features or how their service works.

   A technical copywriter keenly understands this, and because they are a bit    technical too, they know how to cut to the chase with questions that will    elicit the most useful information from a busy SME, with minimum fuss.

   For example, I produced copy for a cloud service companyís support    website. The developers asked me to explain some technical IT concepts in    everyday language to show the benefits of the service, and, in as few    words as possible. Check out the topics listed under the cloud compute section on this page.

   The technical copywriter is able to gather relevant information from SMEs to craft copy that cuts through    industry jargon and broadens the reach of the message.

   What value does a technical copywriter bring to selling the product benefits?

   The technical copywriter can flesh out your service benefits by asking the right questions from your product    development team. They will also keep the marketing teamís perspective in mind when crafting the message.

   The technical copywriter will explore the productís features to flesh out basic uses, benefits, and the productís    strengths. This reduces Support calls, and a well-written and useful set of instructions adds value to the    product. For an example, see the quick start guide I produced for a digital photo frame.

   They can even road-test your service/product to mimic customer uses so any design issues or glitches in the    product can be spotted before the product is launched on the market. For an example, have a look at a quick    installation guide I produced for a wireless extender.

   Is a technical copywriter what I need for my educational product?

   A technical copywriter can combine technical copy with instructional design for a technology product. They know    the balance, and the difference, between conceptual and instructional information.

   For example, for the University of Technology, Sydney, I produced a user guide for a software tracking system    called Agilo that uses scrum methodology. The audience was second year Engineering and IT students who    were in a hurry. Because of the audience type, I knew I didnít have to define the software, or why they are using    it, so I cut to the chase and started with the instructions.

   The only exception was when the client wanted me to explain what a Ďrequirementí is, so the students were clear    about the concept and could use the tracking system feature without confusion.

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