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  Know Your Audience Type

   Different Ways we Filter Information

   Do you know your audience type? Are they visual, textual, auditory or a combination of
   these. There is another audience typing which groups people according to their way of
   filtering information:

   Doers – these people learn and absorb information by doing something
   with it. They like information to be actionable and are least influenced by
   persuasive language. They tend to see it like the 'proof is in the pudding,
   and the eating' and seek examples of use in everyday life,
   like case studies.

   Imaginers – these people like to fill in the blanks and want to come to their
   own conclusions. So initially they don’t want too much detail. They like high-
   level information so they can take the option of going deeper. They may be
   sold on a ‘big picture’ power-point overview.

   Reasoners – these people tend to be logical and will look for holes in
   product claims. Usually technical, they are seriously interested to know
   how your product is an improvement on what they are currently doing.
   They may be more interested in your product features, technical requirements,
   and limits, so they can work out for themselves if it has value to them. They
   will be interested in product specifications, usability studies, levels of
   product support.

   Realists – these people tend to be managers responsible for the bottom-line.
   They don’t like to reinvent the wheel and will generally try something after it’s
   been tested in the market and has a track record. They are most interested in
   product reviews and reading more than one client/customer testimonial.

   When you know how your audience likes to absorb information, you will have no trouble
   choosing the most effective format to communicate it.

   In that sense, the medium is the message holds true, as Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase.

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