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                  Website Copy
                  User Documentation
                  Article Marketing
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                  Business Process flowcharts
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    If your website is the hub of much of your marketing, I can also help your prospects:

   Find your site - SEO Copywriting

    I can make sure your keywords blend with your website copy and check they are in the right places where the     search bots actually look. Being Ďtop of the popsí in Google search results is not set in stone. But you can     buttress your SEO by taking advantage of 'long-tail' keywords that have a longer tenure. Together with Article     Marketing they are reinforced even more, widening your reach to qualified leads by increasing your search     engine exposure.

   Enjoy your site - Information Design

    Your visitors donít enjoy a banquet of information up front. Itís hard on the eye as they wonder where to go     from your Home page. Give your visitors a clear choice of how deep they can go. Your web pages should be     task-driven and their information structure from broad to specific.

    Visitors like the internet's two-way communication. I can help develop your marketing to increase involvement     with your premium content - like promoting your webinars, white papers and case studies that are made available     through your lead capture tools.

   Sign-up or Buy - Persuasive Content and Clear 'Calls to Action'

    Thereís a tension between visitorsí precious time and their curiosity. Your web copy must meet them in the     middle and correctly anticipate why they are here. If they need reassuring before they finally commit to your     product, then clear and accessible 'after-sales support' information is vital to close that sale. Plugging the holes     of doubt and making 'calls to action' visible and clear will make all the difference and put you ahead of the     competition.

    How I Would Work with You

    I provide you with a fixed price quote that includes two revision cycles.

    The fixed number of revisions focuses our collaboration and makes the process very efficient. The finished copy
    is delivered well within the time-frame you set and the quality you expect.

    To get there I use a process that ensures you receive value. To this end, I:

    ¤  Ask the right questions to scope your needs exactly. If itís a larger project, I use a Project Brief.
    ¤  Use your current marketing information to craft a message.
    ¤  Research to fill any knowledge gaps to promote your product's benefits to the max.
    ¤  Develop your 'value proposition' Ė why you are the better choice over your competition.
    ¤  Work until my first draft is as close to completion as possible.
    ¤  Facilitate the revision process with you so it's a matter of fine-tuning (I apply your insights).

     Want to find out more?

      Do Contact me for your next marketing project, or if you have a question or comment.
      If you want to know why I can help solve sales challenges see About.
      See Samples and Portfolio to check out my examples and copywriting work.

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     How to Groom Your B2B Prospects Into Future Clients

     Businesses that offer more informative content, than promotional, are closing      more of their sales.

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