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  Technical Copywriting Explained

   If your service or product is a bit complex, or based on a new technology, it can be a challenge to know how to    market it to your prospects. It's important that the unique and competitive aspects of your service, or product,    is shown in the best light so yours stands apart from the competition. This is when you need a copywriter with    a technical bent.

   Why you may need a technical copywriter

   A technical copywriter flexes between marketing copy and explaining    technical concepts in every-day terms. They can also incorporate user    instructions.

   A technology product for the consumer market has a more generic use but    still needs to be demystified for a broader audience to involve those who are    not technically minded.

   A technology service for the business market involves business-to-business    sales, so you need to speak to more than one audience type


   What are the basic skills of a technical copywriter?

   A technical copywriter is experienced with information technology and high technology services and products.    Ideally they should have, in addition to sales copywriting skills:

   •  a technical writing background from a technology industry
   •  an understanding of the principles of Information Design
   •  hands-on experience with service/product testing
   •  exposure to usability and instructional design.

   A technical copywriter knows how to ask the right questions.

   What’s really the difference between a sales copywriter and a technical copywriter?

   The technical copywriter more commonly produces copy for the business-to-business (B2B) sector rather than    business-to-consumer (B2C). They are less reliant on the ‘hard sell’ and more on informing a targeted audience.    The audience is usually a niche in the market that is cultivated through relevant pre-sales content that informs    and stimulates ongoing interest in your business. This is important because ‘hard sell’ does not work on a    technical or business audience.

   There are exceptions, like when a new technology product is marketed to a consumer audience. For an    example, I wrote a quick start guide for a digital photo frame that also includes sales copy to give a    welcoming tone to what would otherwise be dry instructions. The instructions themselves, are very brief
   and to the point.

   What has information design got to do with technical copywriting?

   All marketing communications these days use more than just text. Even a web-page is designed to look visually    appealing and engaging. This holds true for any industry or audience.

   A technical copywriter who is versed with information design methods knows how to present your content in the    most eye-catching way. They have an ability to balance the visual / textual / interactive elements of your web    content. They know how to optimise the way your content is organised and presented.

   They can intuit what would be the optimal format and publishing media that would give the best impression, and    most mileage, for your message. This is where ‘the medium is the message’ comes into play.

   Does a technical copywriter specialise in a particular type of copy?

   A technical copywriter spends more time on lead capture and lead nurturing. They are skilled with case studies,
   white papers, and pre-sales information pages on a website. They provide content that builds brand loyalty, or a    user community, to groom prospects for a future sale, rather than a direct sale today.

   A technical copywriter knows that their type of customer/client isn’t ready to buy when a business is ready to    sell, but will appreciate knowing a supplier who takes interest in and anticipates their needs. This builds    awareness and trust and saves your prospect's time because their first choice will be to go with a supplier they    know - you.

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